As a company operating internationally in the area of the sale and distribution of foodstuffs, it is clear to us that we should maintain certain social standards, both within the company and in our commercial relationships. We consider the following to be our Code of Conduct with our direct and indirect suppliers.

Human dignity

Human dignity should always form the basis for personal interactions.

Compliance with the law

All current national legislation and guidelines should be adhered to, as well as UN and ILO conventions. Bribery and corruption are unacceptable.

Prohibition of child labour

All child labour, as defined by the ILO, the United Nations and national legislation, is prohibited. This applies to production, assembly and manufacture and all other services offered by companies in the Campotec group. Where there are differing standards, the most rigorous of them should be applied. Wherever children are employed in any activity that could be considered child labour, such abusive activities should be discontinued.

Prohibition of forced labour and coercion

In compliance with all ILO conventions, all forms of forced labour are prohibited. The use of corporal punishment, mental or psychological coercion or verbal abuse is also prohibited.

Conditions of employment

All current employment legislation should be complied with. Salaries and other payments to employees should conform to regulations and/or local practices. They should be clearly defined and paid on time. Reductions in salary should not be used as a disciplinary measure. Working hours should comply with national laws.

Prohibition of discrimination

All discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, religion, social status, disability, ethnic origin, nationality or personal attributes is prohibited.

Freedom of association

There can be no restrictions on the right of employees to form any sort of trade union or association, nor on their rights as regards collective action.

Health and safety in the workplace

We ensure that all steps are taken to guarantee Health and Safety in the workplace. Anything that could interfere with basic human rights, whether in the workplace, the dormitories or as part of working conditions, is strictly prohibited. Staff take part in regular training sessions in the area of Health and Safety.

Environmental protection

We comply with all environmental and safety guidelines with regard to the treatment of waste and the handling of chemicals or other hazardous materials and substances.