The Technical Department at Campotec offers all its member growers effective, permanent support, guidance and advice on their crops, in line with the latest production methods and strictly following all production standards. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of food safety and to use the best seeds and varieties to meet production objectives and suit local conditions.

Our members have 240 hectares under fruit production: 160 hectares of potato and 100 hectares of horticultural produce (20 hectares of which are under glass), producing a range of crops.

The Rocha pear orchards are situated within the denominated region for Pêra Rocha do Oeste, and the apple orchards are almost entirely within the Protected Geographical Indication of Alcobaça. Potatoes are mostly grown on the fertile land of the Vale de Tejo, under our technical guidance and supervision, using varieties whose qualities best suit pre-consumer processing: using the latest techniques for preserving, washing and sizing and the most attractive and appropriate labelling and packaging,. Other horticultural products are mostly grown in the Ribatejo and Oeste regions.