The fruit

The production of high quality fruit is - and always has been - a priority for CAMPOTEC. Its production area stretches from Leiria to Mafra, making the most of terrain, soil and climatic conditions that best suit the characteristics of each variety.

This organisation has consolidated its position in the market, thanks to the pioneering, innovative spirit of its service to growers. Its orchards are synonymous with excellent produce, using the best methods and technologies to ensure that their growers are a homogenous, forward-looking group.

Our entire production area is under Integrated Production - most of our growers have already adopted GLOBALG.A.P. standards.

Food safety and the production of fruit with a low level of residues is one of the core aims of our production. We give preference to environment-friendly methods, such as using bio-techniques for pest control (such as sexual confusion techniques to control insects and moths (zeuzera) and the mass trapping of Mediterranean fruit flies) and techniques that take the best possible advantage of natural resources, such as light and water. We were also pioneers in the implementation of new methods of spraying that have lower ecological, toxicological and environmental impacts.

Implementation of these new practices is supported by considerable investment in experimentation and development, accompanied by careful monitoring of the production process.